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Welcome to White House
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Bungalows approved by MTDC

White House is a MTDC approved bungalow famous for its asthetic look and spacious and elegant design.

The transportation provided by MTDC has always recieved appreciation from the tourists visiting Panchgani and Mahableshwar for its efficient timings and frequency.

bungalows approved by MTDC recieve the certificate from Maharsahtra tourism board which give them possession for offering property on rent/lease or giving hotel services to the people visiting Panchgani. This MTDC certificate is a proof for property being registered.

To accommodate you in a luxurious manner that you so richly deserve we offer you spacious, elegant and well equipped rooms and bungalows with a classic pampering which are approved by MTDC and registered under the same.

Thus White House is a secured place in all respect and we assure you all efforts to be made to make you feel at home.

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