Bungalows in Mahabaleshwar

The unique structure of White House with aesthetic look designed by the renowned Architect Hafiz Contractor and approved by MTDC under the bed and breakfast scheme has become a land mark on Mahableshwar Panchgani Road and a point of attraction among the tourists from the time it has emerged.

White House melds unstinting luxury with the tranquility of being in harmony with nature. Brilliantly designed it is perfectly integrated with natures beauty White house is a haven of relaxation, peace and tranquility

White House is situated within a total area 15,000 sq.feet with a landscaped garden of around 10,000 sq.feet.

White House provides a huge parking space within the compound.

To accommodate you in a luxurious manner that you so richly deserve we offer you spacious, elegant and well equipped rooms with a classic pampering

All efforts are made to make you feel at home. In our endevour to convert this bungalow into a Tourist Motel we have not spared any pains for your utmost comfort.

White House is most secured place in all respect though away from city crowd.

We are sure you will enjoy your stay in White House.

Panchgani and Mahabaleshwar

Nestled between five hills Panchgani is an idyllic mountain retreat in the Krishna valley. Tucked away in the Satara district of Maharashtra, Panchgani is a well-known hill station of Maharashtra on the highway to Mahabaleshwar from Pune.

Panchgani derives its name from the five hills around it and this hotel or villas has luxury rooms in mahabaleshwar. At an altitude of 1334 m it is just 38 m below Mahabaleshwar. These 38 m translate themselves into a breathtaking 20 kms approach from Mahabaleshwar, offering heart stopping views of the river krishna on one side & the coastal plains on the other. Panchgani is the quintessential hill station, with the Raj stamped indelibly all over it. It can be seen in the old architecture of the old British buildings, the Parsi houses, Private villas & the boarding schools that have been for a century or more If you are in panchgai or else mahableshwer and looking any hotel, Private villas and Bungalows near panchgani, luxury resorts in mahableshwer as well as family resorts in panchgani then your welcome in White house hotel.

Amble along the walkways, thickly canopied by lush trees & vegetation & delights in the secrets you come upon. The Krishna, snaking through tiny hamlets, farms & ravines, hundreds of meters below. Visit table land, a flat mountain peak & feast your eyes on the coastal plains, looking like miniature water colors. Select a horse from one of the numerous stables & canter along uncharted routes through hidden lovers' lanes, to the caves & kamalgad fort. Or while away at the bazaar. Panchgani is one of the rare places that doesn't crowd anyone, yet in its own unhurried way deeply touches every visitor.


An Architecture by World Renowned Architect Hafeez Contractor and Approved by MTDC under Bed & break fast scheme is: Hotel near panchgani

A Palatial Twin Bungalow with two classy tastefully furnished sets of `Two Bed Rooms, & imperial Hall & Kitchen and two terraces. Thus it consists of total Four Bedrooms Two Halls & kitchens and four terraces. Each Bed Room additionally designed with independent separate entry.

Out House with fully equipped Kitchen and the staff to take care of your Food requirements.

All Bed Rooms and Halls are interconnected also to Out House with Intercom for Convenience of Communication.

Each Bed Room with attached bathroom for utmost privacy consists of a

Mini Fridge, a T V with Cable Connection.

24 Hours hot & Cold Water powered by Eco. Friendly Solar Water Heating System.

24 Hours round the Clock efficient room service offered by trained staff.

White House do not serve you Restaurant meals, the meals are Homemade, Hygienic and reasonably charged.

A 10,000 Square feet Landscaped Garden exclusively for the guests of the Bungalow.

Huge Parking space within the Compound

A Very Secured place though away from all City Crowd

To say the least white house provides the ultimate in comfort,security and luxury.

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How To Reach

The total distance between Mumbai to Panchgani would be about 265 kms. It is approximately a 5 hours drive from Mumbai. One way would be to go via Mahad but the best bet instead would be the famous Mumbai Pune Express Highway. A word of advice here, that, though the road is lucrative and appealing please don’t overspeed and keep it between 80 and 90 kmph. You can break for refreshments on the Food Mall or Food Plaza on the Expressway.

At the end of the Expressway you take the road to bypass the Pune city with the Highway that takes you to directly to Katraj. After passing Katraj Ghat the pleasant drive continues and you come to the scenic Khambatki Ghat. Once you come down the Khambatki Ghat keep on to the improved highway till you come across ‘Surur Faata’ on your right. It takes you to Wai, which is on the foothills of Panchgani, this road is really enjoyable with its own hamlet feeling and farms by the road.

The phrase - 'getting there is half the fun' finds its meaning relevant on this route. Wai is famous for its ‘Pedhas’ and the ‘Dholya Ganpati’- a huge statue of Lord Ganesh. Just after you get out of the small town of Wai, starts the picturesque ‘Pasarni Ghat’. This is the last milestone on your journey towards Panchgani and you know not by the boards that you are in Panchgani, but the cold breeze that touches your cheeks.

You are welcomed by the red soil, the strawberry farms, the old English architectural structures, the boarding schools, and the school kids along the road. Soon you reach local marketplace and just about five kms is Whitehouse at the Bhillar Village, on the Panchgani-Mahabaleshwar Road.

  • The airport at Pune is nearest to Panchgani at a distance of 98km.
  • Pune is a popular railway station for tourists to Panchgani at a distance of 98 km from Panchgani. Though the railway station nearest to happens to be at Wathar.
  • Panchgani is well linked with Mumbai and Pune through road. (Mumbai –Pune-Wai-Panchgani)

What To See

Sydney Point
This point is situated on a small hillock facing the Krishna Valley .From here one can see the the glittering waters of the Dhom Dam and Pandavgad and Mandhardeo are also easily seen

Table Land
Situated around 60 mts high ,this flat large expanse of laterite rock is the second longest mountain plateau in asia.There are some spacious caves that can be seen from here and one of them is Devil's Kitchen

Parsi Point
This windy road situated on the way to Mahableshwar overlooks the Krishna valley and the blue mirror like waters of the Dhom Dam.

Devil's Kitchen
The Devil's Kitchen situated to the south of tableland, is also a place of mythological interest. It is believed that the Pandavas stayed here for a while and used this place to cook their food. There are some legends regarding this, though most of them appear to be mere tall tales. Some people claim that Pandvgadh Caves ( near Wai ) are also built by them and bear their name

Dhom Dam
Dhom Dam water sports is one more amazing attraction for tourists which is 21 kms away from Panchgani. A beautiful boating spot.
Here one can enjoy with Scooter boats and Speed boats. Sporting in Krishna river stream with the beautiful natural surrounding is a wonderful experience in itself.

The Lingmala Falls
The Lingmala Falls in Mahabaleshwar can be reached by road. It lies on the Mahabaleshwar-Poona road. The stream here precipitates over the face of steep cliff, unbroken when the torrent is swollen by rain but ordinarily divided by projecting rocks about one third of the way down into thin silver streaks and sprays often circled by rainbows. The forest bungalow of lingmala is also close by.

Rajapuri Caves
About 10 km from the town, the caves have a religious importance as there is a temple of Lord Karthikeya, (Lord Shiva's son) here. A temple of local goddess Ghatjal Devi is also in the area. A small local fair is held at the time of the harvest season.


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